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16th-Apr-2007 03:05 pm - News?
I hope it's okey that I post this here... anyway, this might be old news for you but I just saw it today and WOH! Finally something to be excited about!

(Thank you emmurée!!!) :3
24th-Feb-2007 07:06 pm - Upcoming schedule
2007.3.8 Route 14. "Fairy Tale". w/Sel’m, Munimuni, The Candy Spooky Theater, hitotsume.

2007.3.25 Shinjuku Holiday. w/The Piass/EREMIA/Monokuro kinema/神羅/Dollys Marry/Villain/べビィドール/ルシア/re:Make/WHITEBLACK

2007.3.27 Ikebukuro Chop. [CRY FOR THE MOON GIG] w/ munimuni, LAB.THE BASEMENT, the God and Death stars [<- with aie (ex-deadman )]

2007.4.21 Shinjuku Loft. D'ERLANGER NIGHT「薔薇色の愛と死と恍惚」
session event with Sou, Haruka and Tomo performing.

2007.4.30 Meguro Rockmaykan.「gypsy」 Oneman

2007.5.3 Nagoya Holiday. BLACK HOLE 2. w/guiche/Suicide Ali/Monokuro Kinema/Necromance/ WHITEBLACK

2007.5.4 Ikebukuro Chop. w/101 A, 夢中夢, rowthe

2007.5.18 HEAVEN'S ROCK VJ3. びじゅなびぷれぜんつ ~heavy seas advisory Vol.1~
w/lynch., クロウズ, meth., SKULL

2007.6.09 HOLIDAY OSAKA.
Under Code.
Arc / ダリ / hurts / emmuree / ジゴロ / ヒメユリ / パニックちゃんねる / 6R /
Marvelous Maiden / Ego Immortalize.

2007.7.26 HOLIDAY OSAKA.
ネガ / ダリ /Siva / gechena / gossip / emmuree / Metis Gretel / アヲイ
24th-Feb-2007 06:02 pm - Past schedule
2007.2.22 Ikebukuro Chop.「CRY FOR THE MOON GIG」w/ Munimuni, Kara, about-tess

2007.2.10 Takadanobaba Area. Sugar 2nd Anniversary Tour openning event「黒蟻と白砂糖 Vol.4 」w/Sugar/Jully/Girugamesh/Anachroclock/Sel'm

2007.1.21 Takadanobaba AREA. Rk presents27 session event~ a happy new year 2007~.
Session band with Sou:
vo. Sou (emmurée)
vo. loki(Sugar)
dr. Atsuto (Sugar)

2007.1.12 Takadanobaba Area. GATE OF CHAOS. w/ L'eprica / 99℃-uBE / SiNR / Schmelz Cure

2007.1.4 Takadanobaba AREA. Session event.
Session band with Sou:
vo. Sou (emmurée)
gu. zull(The Candy Spooky Theater)
10th-Nov-2006 10:07 pm - schedule
2006.12.19 Takadanobaba AREA, Calmando Qual Sponsored Event Neo+Bible Vol.6. w/Calmando Qual,The Candy Spooky Theater,Sugar,ZERO MHz,Shinkai

2006.12.14 Osaka HOLIDAY. [Inner Core-Type-O-]. w/guieche, Saquit, The Candy Spooky Theater, AciD+, Zakuro

2006.12.13 Nagoya HOLIDAY. [birth of BLACK idol]. w/The Candy Spooky Theater/Halling Ghost/Amulet*/others

2006.12.01 Ikebukuro Chop. Oneman.

2006.11.15 Nagoya HOLIDAY. [Black Holes]. Special guest: Közi w/Smells/Calmando Qual/The Candy Spooky Theater
21st-Oct-2006 05:28 pm(no subject)
Ah, look what will be the result of the Sugar x emmurée Coupling Tour!

Sugar+emmuree 『Darker meets Deeper』CD, RELEASE:2006.11.03

1.手紙(Sugar ver.)
3.吐息めく湿度(emmuree ver.)

info: Sugar official
10th-Oct-2006 10:30 am(no subject)
I have question! It's urgent ^^;;
I remember that in an entry of this community was a link to a Japanese site that has emmuree's discography etc.
That site has also information on other indies like Calmando Qual, Uma, Aural Vampire and so on.
My bookmarks are gone and I can't find it with Google x_x (I gave up after searching after an hour).
I really hope that site still exists. PLEASE if anyone still remember the link, POST it here!
Thanks in advance T__T
4th-Aug-2006 06:59 pm - schedule
2006.11.10 Takadanobaba Area. Coupling Tour「Darker meets Deeper」with Sugar.(Tour final 2man)

2006.11.4 Osaka Club Vijon. Coupling Tour「Darker meets Deeper」with Sugar. (3man w/ ネガ)

2006.11.3 Nagoya Holiday. Coupling Tour「Darker meets Deeper」with Sugar. (3man w/hurts)

2006.10.3 Ikebukuro chop

2006.9.25 Umeda Holiday

2006.9.23 Nagoya Holiday

2006.9.19 Takadanobaba Area, 「アンティーク-Collection-」Event. Emmurée presents. Sugar/The Candy Spooky Theater/Calmando Qual/guest:dibs
* a limited edition cd will be sold at the september 19th event.
from the middle of oktober they plan mail order for that.

2006.7.28 Umeda Holiday, Osaka w/pashya / H.N[maigo](ダリ)/ クララ零式 / エグリゴリ / Karma-Shenjing / カルト / SACRED / 真彩 / TRUST / 亟彩フイルム / Marvelous Maiden)

2006.7.26 Nagoya music farm.

2006.7.23 Takadanobaba Area. w/Sugar/ The Candy Spooky Theater / ユーキwith御耽美楽団 / Medue’obscur / ヒトツメ / 13)

2006.7.1 Meguro Rockmaykan. The Candy Spooky Theater presents
   [Party MonsTers Collection 04] w/ TCST/ Calmando Qual/ 浩(ex-gazelle) / QUIET NOIZ

2006.6.6 Takadanobaba Area. w/Medue'obscur/Sugar/Glamour Design/ 紗羅の夊/ -secret guest- Kaya (ex-Schwarz Stein)

2006.6.1 Club Citta
17th-Jul-2006 09:34 pm - EGOIZ order info.
CDJapan has the omnibus releases. [CD] || [DVD].

2nd-Jul-2006 02:23 pm - Inori at Third Stage.
You can find the Inori MiniAlbum finally at Third Stage. For 1600 Yen. I totally ordered this (and some Plastic Tree too ^_-).
24th-Jun-2006 01:37 am - "EGOIZ"
emmurée is featured on a indies artists compilation album, "EGOIZ", which came out on 6/21.


A DVD is coming out on 7/26.
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